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Employee Engagement Workshop: May 6th - College Station, Texas

Are you getting the most out of your managers, employees, and business?

Employee engagement is an impactful and economical way to drive performance at your organization. The emotional and psychological commitment your employees have to your organization is a leading indicator of turnover, performance, productivity, and absenteeism. By educating leaders, measuring engagement, and creating action around the results you get more out of your managers, more out of your employees, and more out of your business.

Do you believe your company would meet more of its financial goals if your people worked better together and communicated more effectively?

Join Evolve Performance Group for an Employee Engagement Workshop designed for business owners, HR professionals, and managers. Learn how employee engagement impacts your business and how this business strategy increases productivity, customer loyalty, business performance, and profits. Learn how you can help your company create a “Best-Place-To-Work” culture.

Phillips Event Center at Briarcrest

May 6, 2016, 8:30am to 11:30am

Workshop investment is $175.

To learn more and register please visit www.bcschamber.org.

Space is limited.






Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

For one client a .10 increase in employee engagement
increased market share by 69%.

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