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Measuring engagement to maximize team performance in the Automotive Industry.

Automotive Accelerator Engagement Program

Automotive Dealerships and Employee Engagement

Can driving employee engagement really deliver a profit? For one luxury automotive manufacturer, dealerships in the top quartile who maintained or increased employee engagement averaged $982 in additional profit per new car sold! Click here to learn more about the impact of employee engagement at this dealership.

The Automotive Accelerator

Evolve Performance Group's Automotive Accelerator Engagement Program is a quarterly run employee engagement program designed exclusively for automotive dealerships. This three month engagement program begins with an Employee Engagement Survey for up to 100 employees and includes results scorecards for managers, engagement resources and eLearning as well as a results webinar with an Evolve engagement professional. The confidential, web based survey (available in both English and Spanish) includes 22 items scientifically validated to drive engagement and in turn, drive performance at your dealership.

Dealerships will receive:

  • Survey Marketing Materials including posters and personalized survey invitations for employees
  • Automated survey response rate reporting
  • Team results scorecards for managers with teams of 4+ respondents. Scorecards include action planning recommendations and comparisons to Evolve's worldwide database
  • Access to Evolve Performance Group's Engagement Portal including engagement resource guides, engagement eLearning, online action planning and more
  • 1 hour results webinar for dealership leadership and management to discuss survey results, review available resources, and talk about next steps for increasing engagement and driving business performance

Program Options

Automotive Accelerator Engagement Program - $960/Survey

  • 4 Employee Engagement Surveys for up to 100 employees (survey administrations conducted semi-annually)
  • $10 per additional employee
  • Includes all items mentioned above
  • Total investment of $3840

Automotive Accelerator Engagement Survey - $1275

  • 1 Employee Engagement Survey for up to 100 employees
  • $10 per additional employee
  • Includes all items mentioned above

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

For one client a .10 increase in employee engagement
increased market share by 69%.

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