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Team Accelerator Engagement Program Specifics

The Team Accelerator is a four week, monthly run employee engagement survey and coaching program that gives individual managers and smaller teams access to Evolve's employee engagement survey instrument, engagement resources, and coaching. Below you will find additional information about the Team Accelerator program and what you can expect. 

What is Included

Employee Engagement Survey

The Team Accelerator Program begins with a web-based Employee Engagement Survey. Included are items in Evolve’s Employee Commitment IndexTM. These 22 scientifically validated items are separated into six categories and are proven to drive engagement and business performance. The six categories are: My Job, My Manager, My Team, My Growth, My Company, and My Customers. Survey items are asked on a 5-point rating scale and the survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Employee responses are completely confidential and Evolve will never release individual survey responses to an organization. Survey results will be released in the form of a scorecard following the completion of required eLearning. A minimum of four responses are required to receive a scorecard.

Engagement Education

Following the completion of the Employee Engagement Survey, participants will gain access to Evolve's Engagement Portal. Here they will have access to numerous resources as well as four engagement eLearning modules. Completion of these modules is required to receive your Engagement Scorecard. Additional resources include:


Quarterly Contracting for Performance Guide: This guide is intended to reinforce the Employee Engagement efforts you’re making with your teams. To use this guide, we suggest that you download and review the document before scheduling one-on-one time with each of your team members to work through the content. Once it’s completed, we encourage you to revisit the guide once every quarter to continually accelerate performance. Bonus information includes a helpful tool to assist employees in identifying meaningful forms of recognition that are perfect for them.

Employee Engagement Scorecard Guide: If you need assistance understanding the data presented in your Employee Engagement Scorecard, this guide is a great starting point.

Coaching Tips and Hot Spots: This guide includes coaching tips and recommendations around the twenty two items in Evolve's Employee Commitment IndexTM. Each item is separated into one of six categories and includes possible workplace issues to consider along with questions that can be asked during action planning sessions to help generate dialog with your team.

Engagement Action Cards: The Engagement Action Cards include recommendations that support the sixteen steps to great management. Recommendations range from team meeting activities to one-on-one discussions with team members and include frequency suggestions. Utilizing the Engagement Action Cards will help managers operationalize engagement and make engagement a focus of their day-to-day conversations, meetings, and activities.

Coaching Call

Each participant will receive a one-on-one, one hour coaching call with an Evolve engagement professional following the release of survey results. This coaching call is designed to reinforce the eLearning modules, hold managers accountable for their goals, and offer an opportunity for ongoing learning. Topic areas includes:

  • Answer survey related questions

  • Review available engagement and manager resources

  • Discuss next steps and how to complete action planning

  • Establish goals for employee engagement in the future

Additional consulting time is available by request.

Program Timeline

The Team Accelerator program runs monthly and takes approximately 4 weeks to complete. An abbreviated timeline for the program is below. 

Week 1: Kickoff webinar for managers participating in upcoming administration. Manager will be provided an employee list template to begin collecting employee information for survey.

Week 2: Employee lists turned into Evolve. Managers notify employees of upcoming survey.

Week 3: Employee Engagement Survey launches. Employees receive an email invitation from Evolve inviting them to participate. Employees will have one week to complete the survey. Manager will be contacted by their engagement coach to schedule post-survey coaching call.

Week 4: Engagement resources accessible through Evolve Engagement Portal. Scorecards released. Coaching calls begin. 

What to Expect

The Team Accelerator program runs on a set timeline. Following signup, you will be contacted by an Evolve project manager to review signup information and discuss next steps. The project manager will provide you with the date and time for the kick-off webinar. Payment for the program must be received prior to the kickoff webinar. 

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about the Team Accelerator Engagement Program, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 979-383-2965 or fill out the contact form below. Ready to sign-up? Click on the button below.

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