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Evolve consists of a highly talented group of professionals dedicated to the application of proven methods that deliver real results. As a team, we hate waste in every form; wasted time, wasted effort, wasted resources, and wasted investments. With more than 200 years of combined experience implementing this approach with companies of all sizes in all industries, we work with our clients to minimize waste and maximize return on investment.

Jeff Tobaben - CEO
Jeff Tobaben
CEO and Founding Partner
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Kevin Crenshaw - Director of Technology
Kevin Crenshaw
Director of Technology
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Jennifer Simpson- Program Coordinator
Jennifer Simpson
Director of Operations 
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Becky Jacobson Chumley – Director of Brand Impact
Becky Chumley
Director of Brand Impact 
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Andrew Harper - Project Manager Evolve Performance Group
Andrew Harper
Project Manager 
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Linda Grasley - Office Manager Evolve Performance Group
Linda Grasley
Office Manager 
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Evolve Research Team

Emily Killham, MA - Chief Marketing Officer
Emily Killham, MA
Chief Research Officer
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Bill McEwen, PhD - Customer Engagement Practice Leader
Bill McEwen, PhD
CE Practice Leader 
Paul Busch, PhD
Paul Busch, PhD
Performance Branding Expert
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Evolve Delivery Team

Jennifer Fickeler
Jennifer Fickeler, PhD
Facilitator & Org Design
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Bruce Barkis - Senior Consultant
Bruce Barkis
Senior Consultant 
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Shaun Bryant - Facilitator and Keynote Speaker
Shaun Bryant
Facilitator & Keynote Speaker 
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Burl Haigwood - Consultant
Burl Haigwood
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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

For one client a .10 increase in employee engagement
increased market share by 69%.

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