Customers leave every interaction with your company a little more, or a little less engaged. Are your employees engaged and aligned in a way that allows them to consistently drive customer engagement?

According to a retail study conducted by KPMG for the National Retail Federation, retailers nationwide are shifting their focus from cost containment to growth acceleration. Nowhere is competition fiercer than the retail sector where the only remaining sustainable competitive advantage is creating meaningful connections between employees and their customers on a consistent basis. This competitive advantage is not easily replicated, making an investment in employee and customer engagement a very wise use of company dollars.

Along with our data-driven interventions, our employee and customer engagement tools can be counted on to increase same store sales. Our consultants work with corporate staff and store management to increase store level outcomes. We recognize there are critical differences between an “engaged customer” and a satisfied one. Increasing each stores share of wallet happens through engaged customers that spend more, return more often and spread the word to their friends and family. These efforts also engage employees and result in a reduction in turnover, shrinkage and absenteeism all effecting productivity and profitability.

Retail Sectors Served:

  • Automotive
  • Luxury Retailers
  • Specialty Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Big-box Retailers 
  • Mass-Merchant Chains
  • Discount Retailers
  • Grocery Retailers

Evolve Performance Group offers a full range of services to assist in talent selection, employee development, employee engagement, and customer engagement to achieve impressive results. We focus on supporting corporate objectives to drive organic growth within the organization.

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

For one client a .10 increase in employee engagement
increased market share by 69%.

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