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FREE Employee Engagement Resources

FREE Employee Engagement Resources

Evolve Performance Group offers numerous employee engagement resources to help organizations better understand what employee engagement is and how a focus on engagement can drive business performance. Employee engagement resources include:

Introduction to Employee Engagement eLearning Module

This eLearning module discusses what engagement is and how engagement affects our everyday lives both personally and professionally. This module is one of four employee engagement elearning modules that cover what engagement is, building a culture of engagement, how to read your employee engagement scorecard, and how to action plan with your team.

Contracting for Performance

Evolve's Contracting for Performance guide is designed to help managers conduct coaching discussions with their team members. We've included the first couple pages of this guide to highlight a few of the discussion topics. The complete guide is included (multiple languages available) as part of our employee engagement survey programs

Team Accelerator Engagement Program Information

The Team Accelerator program, is an affordable employee engagement program designed for leaders, teams, and organizations who want to benefit from measuring employee engagement but do not have the the budget or resources for a complete engagement program. 

Article: Not All Engagement Surveys are Created Equal

A recent study by Bersin & Associates estimates that $720 million is spent by organizations each year to improve employee engagement. While this trend is encouraging for those in the engagement business, there is no guarantee that all of those dollars are being spent on the right kind of engagement surveys. How do you know if a survey is right for your company? Your engagement consultant should be able to tie survey results back to business performance, quantitatively, not anecdotally. After all, isn’t the purpose of engagement to improve the bottom line? 

Article: Making the Most of the Army You Have

Today’s organizations are looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition. The lean movement refined processes but process improvement can only move an organization so far. After all of the functional pieces have been addressed, the last lever that an organization can pull for increased performance is the people lever. 

Employee Engagement Impact Infographs

Evolve Performance Group data tells us why companies need to make an effort to engage their people. Browse our infographs to see how general industry, the energy industry and the automotive industry were affected by increased levels of employee engagement.


Visit our Employee Engagement Resources page for more employee engagement information and learning opportunities. Interested in learning more about our employee engagementclient engagementconsulting, or development services? Contact Evolve for more information or to schedule a personal interactive presentation to learn more about our integrated employee/client engagement survey programs and related services. Not sure where to start? We're happy to answer any questions about best practices or your specific employee or client engagement program needs.





Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

For one client a .10 increase in employee engagement
increased market share by 69%.

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