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Linking Leadership & Employee Engagement

Linking Leadership & Employee Engagement

An excellent article by Claudia Williams about leadership and engagement. I would like to provide an added “How to” perspective and put her Leadershift into the next gear. Consider implementing an integrated performance-based employee engagement survey and manager/leadership training program. A program of this nature would ensure the execution of Claudia’s suggestions – the need to gain trust, loyalty, and respect, facilitate communication, and build workplace friendships. The employee engag...
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The Dangerous Truth About Safety

The Dangerous Truth About Safety

From the first prehistoric hunter to employ someone as saber-toothed tiger bait to today's modern leadership issues, we have learned two big lessons. Employee safety has clearly (and mercifully) become more important. People who don't like their job probably don't do a very good job. 
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Useless employee surveys and how to avoid them

I believe many software development companies don’t appreciate the fundamental value of a scientifically-validated, confidential, performance-based employee engagement survey tool. Understanding the value of an employee engagement survey, and it’s data, is helpful for people to also understand the difference between the definition of “employee engagement” and an “employee engagement program” that improves employee and client engagement.
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Turnover Costs are More Than You Think

Most will calculate about 60% of the person's salary and some training to determine their cost of turnover. When was the last time you calculated the other costs such as lower Productivity & Product Quality + lower Employee Morale + lower Customer Service and Profit Margin + lower Return on Investment for Marketing?
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