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Useless employee surveys and how to avoid them

https://goo.gl/rPAEtO: Lisa wrote a nice article about some of the pitfalls to avoid when conducting an Employee Engagement Survey. She is right - all employee engagement surveys are not created equal.

At first blush, I thought this may be another anti-employee engagement survey article. Sometimes vendors us this sales approach to tout a solution for “employee engagement” with a one size fits all strategy. I believe many software development companies don’t appreciate the fundamental value of a scientifically-validated, confidential, performance-based employee engagement survey tool. Understanding the value of an Employee Engagement Survey, and it’s data, is helpful for people to also understand the difference between the definition of “employee engagement” and an “employee engagement program” that improves employee and client engagement. 

From our viewpoint, a company that specializes in an integrated programmatic approach using a professional employee engagement survey, manager training, quarterly reviews, job tools, a program-based action item tracking portal, and coaching – the employee engagement survey is an essential HR predictive analysis tool.

An Employee Engagement Survey is also an essential leadership development tool. Using validated performance-based employee engagement survey data helps puts the “How to” into leadership development by creating opportunities for conversations and action items that will improve engagement and work culture.

A company-wide employee engagement program immediately puts everyone on the same page. It provides top-down guidance from leadership, bottom-up feedback from front line employees, and great information and lessons learned opportunities for managers.  Because engagement is important and hard to accomplish -- everyone has a role. If done right, Employee Engagement Surveys are the place to start the process of identifying problem areas, creating action items, and coaching opportunities. This supports the goal to make “engagement” part of the daily operational conversation. For additional research, check out our article - Not All Employee Engagement Surveys are Created Equal.





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