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4 Things the Most Respected Leaders Do for Their Employees

4 Things the Most Respected Leaders Do for Their Employees

These common human traits seem so logical in every day relationships. Why are they so rare to find in bosses? https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/4-things-the-most-respected-leaders-do-for-their-employees.html

#5 – Don’t forget the employee engagement survey. This is an excellent article by Marcel Schwantes that defines many of the “what’s & why’s” of leadership. While many leaders agree on practicing accountability, creating transparency, confronting reality, clarifying expectations and listening first -- many do not understand the “how to” component. 

A scientific-based, third-party, confidential employee engagement survey is a very effective how to lead leadership tool. When an employee engagement survey is combined with engagement training it provides leadership (and managers) with the data, content, context and perspectives to have healthy day-to-day, weekly, and monthly conversations with their employees. An employee engagement survey is a leadership tool that creates conversations that drive company culture and improves employee engagement levels. Similar to a financial audit or a pre-operative physical with your doctor, Employee Engagement Surveys and leadership engagement development are not the best DIY projects.

Contact Evolve Performance Group for more information about our employee engagement surveys and programs. Learn more about what makes for a successful employee engagement survey in our article - Not All Employee Engagement Surveys Are Created Equal





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