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5 Turnover Excuses Your [Leadership and] Managers Should Never Make

5 Turnover Excuses Your [Leadership and] Managers Should Never Make

http://www.insperity.com/blog/causes-of-high-employee-turnover/?pid=AutoBlogEmail - by Mary Lou Parrott in Leadership and Management

#6 Excuse – I did not use the data from a scientific-based, 3rd-party, confidential employee engagement survey to create action items and provide recommendations to improve individual and team performance. Mary Lou Parrot provided an excellent overview of do’s and don’ts of management. Why make excuses or guess when you can have the data?  Would you want your doctor to guess at providing you with a prescription without first checking your vital signs and getting your feedback before giving a diagnosis? An employee engagement survey is leadership AND management tool.

Another astute observation by Mary Lou was linking employee turnover to employee engagement. A link in her article was provided to Insperity’s Guide to Employee Engagement. This guide was also amazingly missing a recommendation to conduct an employee engagement survey and use it as an effective leadership and management tool. The guide provides an excellent list of the “What’s & Why’s” – but no “How to.” The right employee engagement survey adds a fundamental component in the process of “how to” improve employee engagement. Similar to a visit to the doctor, how can you expect leadership and managers to train and develop, mentor, retain employees, manage performance, and provide healthy reviews - if you don’t measure first and then align engagement training for the best results?

When it comes to conducting employee engagement surveys there are two things to remember.

  1. Not all companies know how to measure employee engagement. 
  2. Not all employee engagement surveys are created equal

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