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Creating A Positive Workplace Culture - A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

Creating A Positive Workplace Culture - A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way, Huffington Post, Michelle Burke, President, The Energy Catalyst Group 08/28/2017,  

Excellent article by Michelle Burke about the impact of employee engagement on business performance and what leadership and managers should do to improve culture. I would like to share some of our research and perspectives for leadership and managers and provide the “how to” improve employee engagement, which also improves culture. If you are looking for employee engagement strategies, ideas or activities -- consider conducting an employee engagement survey as the foundation of a program.

However, it is important to understand the difference between simply conducting an employee engagement survey vs. a human resources strategy that includes an integrated employee engagement survey program.

  • The employee engagement survey and data creates the foundation, content and reason to generate new and more frequent conversations.
  • When leadership and manager engagement training is integrated with the survey questions and data - managers have more meaningful and directed conversations.
  • When you add strengths/talent/behavioral training to the survey and engagement training mix the conversations between all parties get deeper - as do the relationships.
  • When all of the "how to" elements are combined with the feedback to-and-from quarterly review check-ins, leadership and managers can improve employee engagement – which is the goal and outcome of an integrated employee engagement survey program.

A program of this nature can also be used for the foundation of leadership training and a leadership development program. For additional information go to http://evolvepg.com/About/Whats-Evolving/ArticleID/95/4-Elements-of-Great-Management





Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

For one client a .10 increase in employee engagement
increased market share by 69%.

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